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Find fulfilment, create impact and redefine your success. Discover The Courage to Be.

Have you lost your hunger for a career you were once passionate about?

You’ve done it all by the book: The right qualifications. The successful career. The comfortable salary. And yet something is missing. Despite all your “success”, you’re feeling quietly unfulfilled. Perhaps climbing the career ladder has lost its shine, and you’re wondering how to contribute in a more meaningful way?

As life outside work becomes fuller and more complex, you may be feeling restless, overwhelmed or stagnant in a career you used to love. You know you want change. But before you can take action, you need clarity. Designed to put you firmly back in the driving seat of your life and career, The Courage to Be Coaching will help you redefine what’s important to you, contribute more meaningfully and find fulfilment on your terms.

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Hi, I’m Sinéad. I’m a coach on a mission to give you the courage to live a life you want, rather than the one you think you should have. I coach restless professionals to rethink their professional path, so they can live a life that feels more meaningful, energising and exciting.

I spent many successful years in the corporate world, working on brand strategies for leading businesses. I loved my work, and I got results. However, the fast pace of consumer marketing started to lose its appeal as my life changed and my values shifted. I started to feel disconnected from my corporate career and knew I wanted to contribute in a greater way. I just wasn’t sure how.

I know how incredible it feels to bring your truest self to work. But it took willingness, uncomfortable growth and courageous action-taking to get to this point. My signature coaching method, The Courage to Be, is a culmination of everything I’ve done, studied and learnt about living life on our own terms. As a driven business person myself, I love nothing more than supporting ambitious clients, like you, to do the same.

Meet Sinéad
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“Everything I’ve ever done, studied and learnt has lead me to this role; coaching ambitious people to live more fulfilled and successful lives is my passion.

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The courage to take a risk, to feel uncomfortable, and do what is needed to succeed and lead, is a trait that runs through many high-performing individuals. But it’s something that many of us struggle with, preferring to stay within our conditioned realms of safety rather than acting with purpose.

Sharing stories from ambitious professionals, coupled with my own insights from business, coaching and entrepreneurial endeavours, The Courage to Be podcast opens up the dialogue around courage, shame, purpose and much more. From tackling imposter syndrome to unpacking authenticity in business, it will inspire you to play with what’s possible when you lead from your values – not everybody else’s.

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