Coaching ambitious people to courageously lead more fulfilling lives is my passion.

I’ve spent many successful years in the corporate world, helping brands and businesses succeed commercially by putting strategies in place to boost performance and decisively cutting activities that didn’t deliver – and I got results. After working in the fast-paced cities of Dublin, London and New York, I headed to Costa Rica to retrain as a yoga teacher and it was there that my passion for working with people, rather than brands, grew.

But I wanted to make more of an impact. I missed the results-driven environment I knew so well. I wanted to put strategies into place that would help people live more ‘successfully’ – and by that I mean the courage to live the life they really want, rather than the life they think they should have. Far more rewarding than selling products, I realised I could help people discover, achieve and then live out their truest desires.

Now I have the pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring and daring people I’ve ever met from high performing career people to business owners who are struggling to take the business to the next level. Whatever their background, each and every one of my clients has these things in common – commitment to the coaching process, a compelling drive to change something in their life or business and a genuine hunger to take action, not just talk.

For these clients, my role is putting them back in the driving seat, supporting and enabling them to go for what they want and succeed in every area of their life.

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“Everything I’ve ever done, studied and learnt has led me to this role. As someone who is driven and results-focussed, I study, research and explore my profession relentlessly, determined to bring better ways of doing and being to my clients. That hunger for learning, challenge and getting the results with my clients is what drives me forward every day.”

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