The Courage to Be

The Courage to Be podcast airs fortnightly and has been created to inspire, inform and ignite listeners in an engaging and powerful way.

By sharing stories of high performing individuals from across the globe and her own insights from business, coaching and entrepreneurial endeavours, your host Sinéad Millard leads you on an adventure into what’s possible when you step beyond your comfort zone, lean into discomfort and fully embrace a life aligned with your values.

Sinéad’s endless curiosity to explore and develop the concept of The Courage to Be has led her to launch the podcast and bring you interviews with high performing individuals from across the globe.

Sinéad is on a mission to inspire you to play with what’s possible and her interviewing style cuts right through to the most meaningful, applicable and enjoyable content.

Exploring themes likes: courage, shame, acceptance, conforming over performing, purpose and more this podcast is a must listen for anyone wanting to raise their game, step out of their comfort zone and experience what’s possible when you have the Courage to Be.