“Whakapapa., You belong here”. This conversation is an absolute gem. I don’t really have a licence to say that, do I?!  But this weeks guest really had an impact and inspired much reflection (days after!), I am so pleased to finally get to share it with you all.⠀

I’m joined by Owen Eastwood, one of the most in-demand performance coaches in the world and author of the book Belonging. Over the past decade, Owen has worked with some of the most elite teams and groups in the world, including Gareth Southgate’s England Football team, the Command Group of NATO, the South African Cricket Team, corporate leadership teams, elite ballet and the British Olympic team.⠀

The stories Owen shares are both personal and from his work. Each brings insight and energy. ⠀⠀

I’d love you hear any reflections you might have.⠀