The Courage to Be Coaching

My signature coaching method, The Courage to Be, came from seeing – in myself and others – a ferocious ambition. Which is an incredible, powerful thing. But not when it’s being channelled in ways that don’t fulfil us, and we find ourselves living the life we think we should, rather than the one we want.

In the midst of professional discontent, many of us struggle to picture what that life could even look like. Instead, we may blindly follow the next promotion, place external status above our own fulfilment or run away from the problem, rather than towards any form of solution.

If this resonates with you, my coaching will empower you to define your unique version of success. When we harness our ambition in new ways and have The Courage to Be true to ourselves, we’re able to stop worrying what others think, have tough conversations and use our voice in a more influential way.

Rethink your
professional path

The Courage to Be coaching will bring you absolute clarity and help you define and reach that next level of success. We’ll tackle everything together, moving beyond unhelpful habits, shifting old behaviour patterns and redefining a version of success that puts your truest self at the centre – not on the sidelines.

My coaching is supportive – but I’m not afraid to challenge you. Most importantly of all, you need hunger to take action – not just talk. There are plenty of ways we can work together.

If you’re a bright, brilliant professional dreaming of a different kind of success, I’d love to hear from you.

“Sinéad’s bias for action is infectious, and it’s something that drives me every day as I build my own business. Nothing gets done without it, but it’s funny how for so many years ‘action’ wasn’t a word that passed my lips that often. Now, I know it’s the key to success in every area of my life.”


How the
process works

Coaching is a two way process. Resonance is important, so an initial consultation to see if we are a good fit is essential. Should we decide to move forward, there are a number of ways in which we can do so:


For those seeking on-going support, accountability and action

Are you feeling stuck and uninspired by your current role? Maybe you’d like to stay in the corporate world but tread a different path, or are looking to reprioritise work and life commitments. Through fortnightly 1-2-1 coaching, we’ll carve out time to get clear on what’s causing you to feel stuck and dissatisfied, using deep questioning to uncover your values and bring them to the forefront in all aspects of your life. 

I offer three, six and 12-month programs, with three months being the shortest.  During our initial consultation, we will explore which time frame will best support you to gain traction and create long-lasting change.

The Intensive
Coaching Day

For those seeking a highly-focus, one-day session for instant clarity

Do you wish you could reignite your energy and enthusiasm for work? Sometimes, an immersive session together is what will move you forward most quickly. The Intensive is a highly focused strategy day to dig deep and reorient your approach to work. These full-day sessions take place online or in London between 9am and 4pm. For some, a stand-alone session is enough to bring an injection of clarity and energy.

You can also book this in addition to, or before, an ongoing program. You’ll come away feeling re-energised and more sure of your unique skills and values – as well as where they fit.

The Coaching

For those seeking short-term coaching support with flexibility

Committing to on-going coaching when you’re already juggling so many moving parts can be challenging. My coaching bundles are designed for those who would like on-going support, but with greater flexibility over a shorter period. This bundle of six one-hour sessions can be taken how and when you need to over a 12-week period. Sessions can be combined if and when required for greater impact.

Your first consultation
is complimentary

Are you ready to rethink your professional path?

It all starts with an initial consultation. This 30-minute Skype/Zoom session is an opportunity to experience a focused coaching session, get clear on your desired result and ask any questions you might have about working together. We’ll also determine, together, which length of coaching program might be best for your goals and current lifestyle.

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