As International Women’s Month comes to an end ⁣I’m back on The Courage to Be podcast with previous guest Monique Carayol to explore “The Courage to Be a Real Woman in Business”. ⁣

Each time I talk with Monique I am reminded of what it means and how it feels to get under the surface quickly and gracefully. We jump into some big topics and I’d love to hear your personal reflections/experiences on what we share.

We explore what gets in the way of talented woman showing up as themselves, what it means to bring our magic to the world and what can hold us back. We talk diversity, both in the workplace and at home and what it means to ask for the support we need to pursue our purpose. 

If you haven’t yet listened to Januarys episode with Monique, here is the link

Monique talks about leadership from a place of deep experience gained from starting as a PA in the NHS and navigating her way to a board level executive director.

As always, thank you for listening. x