You may be less stuck in your job than you think.

Posted by Sinead Millard

Clients often assume they have to make a dramatic change in their work to be more fulfilled, whether this means finding a new job or transitioning to a whole new career. While every case is unique, a dramatic change is not always necessary, or indeed what’s best.

Changing your perceptions about work can be one of the most effective, yet underrated, methods for change.

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Here are a few techniques to help spark greater engagement and meaning from your current job:⠀

1. Get clear on the tasks that play to your strengths and interests and find a way to gradually introduce more tasks that align to your strengths and interests.

2. Revamp relationships – build on existing ones and create new ones.

3. Seek out a mentor who you admire within the business.

4. Understand what values are being met/unmet and close any gaps (if you have a passion for teaching consider getting involved in the organisation’s internship programme).

5. Ask for feedback. Learn from people who are smarter than you (you are likely surrounded by smart, ambitious and more experienced people – tap into it).

6. Up your visibility to personally challenge yourself (start speaking up in meetings, say yes to new projects, present more, confront tough conversations).

7. Think beyond work when it comes to purpose. Live out your purpose in a more holistic way, through the lens of family, friends, community and work.

8. Start working one hour per week on ideas that your find compelling (great way to inject more passion and joy into your life).

It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day “doing” – take a step back. Start seeing opportunities for reshaping your job. ⠀

Touch base if you want to explore this topic more or feel you need a coach to support you in reshaping your current situation or at least your approach to it.

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