Your Vision Must Have Solid Roots

Posted by Sinead Millard
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“Instead of starting with a well-defined vision, end with it.” Jonathon Fields 

When I first meet with clients, very often they want to jump straight into creating their vision. This is understandable, that’s what we’re told – define your endpoint. Create your vision. See it, taste it, smell it, feel it, hear it.

But as individuals, our “readiness” to uncover and articulate our vision varies, it depends on our level of self-awareness, the foundation from which we are working from.

To build a vision, we must first put down its roots. The roots being; a clear understanding of our identity – our values, strengths, talents, capabilities and skill set. This is a process in itself which enables our vision to emerge in a more organic and aligned way.

The alternative, we create a vision based on a false identity, an identity that is perhaps fuelled by someone else’s values and not ours. The result, a lack of motivation and an unwillingness to commit.

Pre-coaching (I seem to think of my life pre and post coaching!) I didn’t have a vision rather I chose the field of Business and Marketing and applied myself with great ambition and work ethic to succeed within that field. I had a strong urge to learn and excel both through education and through my work as a Marketer within the global consumer goods industry.

When I stepped away from this industry, this identity and this role I had to re-establish my identity, a timely process that involved patience, vulnerability and courage – all things I had to work hard on and still do!

I had to become more intentional. I had to redefine my yardstick for success, no longer able to measure my success based on the next promotion, transfer or accolade. I had to commit to a deeper level of self exploration. I had to let learning, action and information guide the creation of my vision. In fact, I am still letting learning, action and information guide the creation my vision.

I had to recommit to being successful in a new field – I still have to re-commit, everyday and apply the same grit, commitment and work ethic that enabled me to succeed in my previous career.

I am sharing this to help paint a picture of the slow and steady unfolding that comes with uncovering (or perhaps recovering) our identity as a means to vision creation.

When we begin with a deeper exploration of our identity, our values and vectors, we are far more likely to create and commit to a meaningful vision and to endure both pain and pleasure that comes with any commitment.

As you build out your vision consider these steps:

  • Spend time on self-discovery, get clear on your values, talents, capabilities and skill set. Dig into your blind spots. Constantly self-question.
  • Find a learning system that works for you so you can consume content that is relevant to your development and growth.
  • Experiment with what you learn, experiments never fail they just give us information. For example, you know want to work in the world of drama. However, you don’t know if you want to act, direct, design, etc.? Seek data from your actions – “test and learn”!

Folding these steps into the visioning process helps to create a meaningful vision that is congruent with our higher values and true identity. These steps are lifelong as we constantly test and validate the importance of our vision along the away. It supports us to learn more, pivot and flex as needed, leaning into better or different forms of our vision along the way.

Do you have a framework for self exploration and experimentation? Do you have a vision of who you want to be, what you need to create, what you need to build? How often do you validate your vision?

We are all at a different starting point, I’d love to hear yours.

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