The Courage to Start

Posted by Sinead Millard
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Steven Pressfield said it wonderfully when he said “start before you’re ready”.

This is not a statement that a lot clients like to hear. In particular, clients who strive for perfection.

Just to clarify, I believe in preparation but not when preparation is used as a means to procrastinate, as a justification for in-action.

I am guessing, particularly if you are reading this post, that you don’t suffer from lack of preparedness rather from lack of action (or for want of a better term “lack of starting”).

You won’t always feel ready to start and some would argue that if you did feel “perfectly ready” then perhaps you waited too long.

Have you ever thought of preparation as resistance in disguise?

I remember when I started working in Reckitt Benckiser as a young marketing graduate. I was taken aback by the pace in which we moved. I never felt “ready” for what we were about to do, but it turns out no one did, because “ready” meant we were too late.

Until we take action we cannot accomplish anything. A published blog is better than no blog. A product launched is better than no product at all. The analogy applies to all projects – big and small.

Know when it’s time to act.

Is there something you need to start? Is the “preparation” phase complete? Will you accomplish more if you take the courage to act?

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