Today’s guest is Clare Edwards, a Principal of BrainSmart Consulting and committed to enabling people to work smarter, lead effectively and thrive in a world of constant change.

Clare is particularly passionate about the people side of change, a critical success factor in any change initiative, and works with teams and leaders to transition from change being feared to being embraced.

Clare talks to some of her own personal transitions and the emotional experiences she had moving through them.

We start with Clare’s earlier years, she grew up in Liverpool, a very catholic family, it was expected that Clare would get married in her twenties and have children. That didn’t happen for Clare, by choice.

Clare draws on a very big moment in her life, when her mum asked her to witness her Dad asking for a divorce. At a similar time in her life, in-between leaving school and starting college, Clare became infatuated with a man who turned out to be an abuser.

We hear how Clare built up the courage and confidence to leave this relationship and her realisation that she would have to leave the country and fled too Holland.

It is here that Clare shares her story of hope and we hear her innate talent to see the gift in the challenge. In every challenge, on reflection, Clare can find that gift in it.

It’s important that Clare shares her personal stories to show others that there are ways to think about the situation differently.

Finding the questions that will facilitate the insights for clients is one of Clare strengths. Towards the end of the interview with get to hear more of Clare’s approach to coaching.

  • “Learn to sit with silence”
  • “I am driven to normalise change for people”
  • “It is important to acknowledge and give grace to the old”
  • “If someone is resisting change it means they are hurting, they need to be acknowledged”
  • “See me, hear me, feel me and acknowledge me”

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