This week my guest is Author Clare Josa, the UK’s leading expert on imposter syndrome. Clare conducted a landmark research study in 2019 that shows how widespread imposter syndrome is and how it is potentially costing UK businesses billions. ⠀⠀

Clare explains “it’s hard to achieve your full potential if you’re constantly worrying that ‘they’ might find out you’re not good enough, don’t know as much as you should or that you got to where you are by accident.” 

I had so many aha moments throughout this conversation, finally a body of research to shed some light on imposter syndrome. Clare guides us through the five-step strategy she has created over the past fifteen years of mentoring women in leadership roles.⠀⠀

Clare gets straight to the point. As a former Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma engineer and former Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive corporations, Clare brings decades of experience in creating breakthroughs, without the burnout

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