Welcome back to this week’s episode with Elizabeth Cairns, author of the Empowered Entrepreneur.

Elizabeth is a coach who works with creative individuals who have a strong desire to make an impact in the world. I myself have worked with Elizabeth and have experienced her brilliance first-hand.  My intention for today’s episode is for you to get the opportunity to experience Elizabeth for yourself in some small way; her capacity to hold space, to support and nurture and to inspire through the wonderful articulation of the many insights that she has to share.

We cover a myriad of topics, from becoming a mother and stepping into a new way of being, right through to mothering and supporting ourselves along the way.

Elizabeth talks about self-acceptance and holding people in the highest regard.

We delve deeply into the topic of voice and the courage to use your voice. Elizabeth offers up some very practical and useful strategies around using your voice with meaning and impact.

“Using your voice is a responsibility. When we use our voice we hear our voice.”

We discuss acting in line with your values – having that pulling rather thanpushing effect when making decisions.

Elizabeth refers to “possibility filled energy”. We hear about her experience of writing her book, the Empowered Entrepreneur, and her capacity to engage with the creative process and to somewhat disengage from the outcome. Elizabeth talks to the importance of the book being authentic and what she had to do to make sure that happened.

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As always, thank you for listening.