In today’s episode I speak to the Founder & Director of the Award winning Production & Digital Marketing Agency Lorg Media.

Loretta takes us back to some of the more uncomfortable decisions and choices she made before Lorg Media.

In particular leaving her full-time, very reputable job with a major national state broadcaster TG4, when at the time many people believed she was crazy to do so.

Loretta draws on some of the challenges she experiences today as a working Mother and really delves deep in to the reality of that and how she deals with some of the pressure.

Loretta had a very empowering childhood and shares some of those unique moments.

Loretta is a natural born story teller so I do hope you enjoy as much as I did (and listen out for the cúpla focail gailge throughout the interview).

Loretta’s “who are you not to be” mindset has taken her from Producer on the ground with the Oprah Winfrey Show to Founder of an award winning ⁣Production & Digital Marketing Agency Lorg Media.

⁣⁣”Its not about Loretta, its not about Lorg Media, its about shining a light on the great things that so many wonderful people are doing.”

You can find Loretta @lorg_media.

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