In today’s interview I speak with former All-Black player, Nick Evans.

Nick made his Debut with the All Blacks in 2004 and he describes what that was like for him to live out his childhood dream.

Nick takes us through some of the tougher moments that he experienced throughout his playing career, in particular being dropped by the All Blacks.

Whilst this was a time of pain and hardship he knew he had to get clear on why he was dropped and he did. So much so, Nick was brought back into the squad soon after.

It’s interesting to hear about Nick’s childhood. He talks about being a product of our environment and how his childhood has influenced both his playing and now coaching career.

We hear about his transition from player to coach and some of the obvious challenges that come with any transition and how he has and is continuing to deal with some of those challenges.

One of the key take aways from this interview was Nick’s capacity to reflect and learn from failure.

“Everyone wants to be told you’re doing a good job. No one wants to hear that you’re doing a bad job, but actually if you’re doing a bad job, you need to hear it. You need to be clear, you need that critical feedback to allow you to grow and change things and change your path and get better and improve.”

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