“If you don’t act on what you know, you will not get all that is potentially yours. Life rewards action it’s just the way it works.” (John Maxwell)

John recommends that you ask yourself this question if contemplating a particular action:

“Am I not taking action because it’s not good for the situation or am I not taking action because it’s not comfortable?”

Have there been opportunities you have missed because you haven’t acted on time?

The Law of Diminishing Intent, a concept originated by Jim Rohn, says

“The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”

Seldom do we act too quickly – generally speaking we are looking to increase or bias for action.

There can be a misconception that you will “feel ready” to act however you won’t always feel ready. Very often, the feeling follows the action.

Steven Pressfields captured this nicely when he said “start before you’re ready”.

The power of action is something that I have experienced firsthand and I have had the pleasure of seeing it benefit my clients. I share with you a personal example of “starting before I felt ready”.

Timing and Intuition are key when it comes to knowing when to act. Great leaders master these two things.

Is there something that you are contemplating, is there an action you’ve been pushing into the future? Are you waiting to feel ready? Are you over-preparing, over-thinking? What is the tiniest for of action you can take today to get started and begin to play with the power of action in your life?

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