Social stability comes at the prize of wearing a mask, of learning to distance ourselves from our unique nature, from our personal desires, needs and feelings, instead, we embrace a socially acceptable self. [Reinventing Organisations]

We all wear a mask, sometimes more than one.

What is a mask?

Not showing up in our own skin, fitting in and conforming , afraid to speak up.

How do you know if you’re wearing a man?

Lots of different signals, some examples are: low energy, worrying, excessive questioning of yourself, dis-engaged, physical stress/pain, unfulfilled.

Think about a particular area of your life where you might be wearing a mask (at work, at home, a particular relationship….

What is the tiniest form of action you could take today to start to dissolve this mask?

The goal of unmasking is not to seek validation from others, the reward is in the practice itself.

There are so many benefits to being who it is we are, being authentic, living a life on our terms, on our values.  We connect with the the right people, the right work. We develop a natural sense of self-esteem and confidence because we recognise that we respect ourselves enough to be who it is we are.

The quote at the beginning of the podcast was taken from a book called Reinventing Organisations


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