Welcome back to this weeks bonus episode of The Courage to Be.

Have you ever wondered why you might feel good after certain social interactions and not so good after others?

I could leave a conversation feeling energised and overall content in myself and leave another feeling drained and riddled with self-doubt.

Why do you think this is? For me, it comes down to the story I’m telling myself when interacting with that person.

If the story I’m telling myself is – this person is more than me and that I am less than them, that they have more to offer and I less to offer, I will fail to connect with this person.

The conversation will be negatively influenced by my inferiority, I am less likely to show up as me and instead try to be more like them (a huge energy drain!). My goal (even if sub-conscious) will be validation rather than connection, which doesn’t feel great for either party.

Are you open to observing how you feel after different conversations and assessing why that might be? When you walk away feeling drained and bad about yourself have you placed that person on a pedestal? Have you assumed your less than that person?

Our relationship with others starts with the relationship we have with ourselves. Understanding our own individual value, accepting who we are.

As always thank you so much for listening and please do share if you think it could help someone else.