Emmie Faust has a rich professional background. She has set up, scaled and sold multiple businesses in the media and marketing space. She has saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds and has generated millions in net profit for her businesses.

But in today’s conversation, Emmie talks to some of the tougher moments, sharing very openly and with strength and vulnerability, the mistakes she has encountered along the way and what it took for her to recognise that her failures were critical to the overall success of her career. Emmie shares her experience on Dragons Den and what it meant to receive investment for a company that ended up failing.

We hear about decisions Emmie has made over the years and quickly get a sense that her capacity and her courage to make tough decisions is one of her strengths. Emmie shares her experience in Google and what it took to leave the company after just 6 weeks.

We delve into Emmie’s experience with her Business Coach, in particular the mindset work that has enabled Emmie to own her story, her failures and her successes, as well as lean into her voice in a more meaningful and impactful way.

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