In today’s episode, I draw on a wonderful quote by Carl Rogers where he defines authenticity as being the author of one’s life.

This quote resonates strongly as it talks to the empowering nature of authenticity. To feel empowered, to take ownership, to take charge, to be intentional, across every area of your life. What better feeling could we ask for, to feel like we are creating rather than reacting?

Unfortunately, we don’t always take advantage of the freedom we have to create our own life. Of course, the extent to which we have autonomy varies, for example, if you work for an organisation you must work within the scope of the company culture. Yet even so, you can look for ways to create more autonomy at work. I’ve seen clients do it and reap the benefits.

Have a look at your life, both personal and professional, ask yourself “am I reacting or am I creating? “Can I look for more ways to create autonomy?”

As always, thank you all for listening.