In todays conversation, I speak to Patricia Lindo, founder and CEO of Style Incorporated.

Style Incorporated is a niche executive headhunting agency focused on the Luxury Fashion & Design Industry.

Patricia (also known as Pat), takes us back to her earlier years, growing up in Sheffield and of Jamaican heritage, Pat’s Mother had a huge influence on her life.

“Pat hold your head up, walk straight and be proud of who you are” were her mothers words. 

As a result, from an early age, Pat became very sure of herself and independent.

At the age of 15, Pat decided to study fashion and after four years in University she moved to London to pursue her interest in the Fashion Industry. Pat was introduced to a world she had never experienced before, in her words “it was like a comedy show”. 

She shares, with depth and meaning, many stories and experiences she had along the way. In particular the experience she gained with each role she pursued and what it was like to work in such a high pressured and competitive [fashion] industry.  But deep down, Pat was craving more. An entrepreneur at heart, Pat decided to set-up her own business in 1997, which today is known as Style Incorporated.

Pat describes her relationship with faith; how it enables her to pause, reset and slow down. She talks about her experience with her healer and how this played an important role in Pat moving away from the materialistic world and instead choosing a simpler way of living.

We talk about the nature of the fashion industry, the pace, the competition and the pressure. As Pat contemplates the next chapter for Style Incorporated she shares her passion for creatives and in particular, providing a pillar of support for these young creatives and the challenges they may face.

To connect with Patricia or the team at Style Incorporated click here Style Incorporated Connect.

As always, thank you so much for listening.