I thought long and hard about what to focus on in this week’s solo episode and I landed on sharing with you some podcasts, insights and general themes that have resonated with me lately and, that have been very useful.
I talk to what it has been like to practise sitting with more uncomfortable feelings, to acknowledge and feel not just the pleasurable moments but the painful moments too. To stay with feelings of hurt, anxiety, frustration and more, instead of becoming distracted or “busy”.  I reflect on some of the wonderful insights that Dr. Edith Eger shared in her conversation with Russell Brand and why I listened to this particular conversation three times! I also refer to the work of Tara Brach who has been a voice of calm and inspiration for me in recent months.
I touch on radical transparency, what it means for the podcast and in more generally, in life. Oh and, I explore prayer too.
I know everyone’s situation is very different right now so listening to a podcast might be a complete stretch for some and perhaps not for others. I have been popping my headphones on at any opportunity and when time is extra tight (and homeschooling has completely taken over my life) I listen in bed.
I hope you can enjoy this or take away a nugget or two of inspiration. Please share any thoughts, I love hearing from you.
Here are the links that I refer to in my podcast today:
  1. https://www.russellbrand.com/podcast/
  2. https://luminary.link/zZQAgirhedb
  3. https://www.tarabrach.com/cultivating-courageous-heart/